Overcoming the Language Barrier

Representing the leading edge of Machine Translation, we provide our customers with superlative translation and localization service.

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Customized Machine Translation Engine

Based on our cutting-edge artificial neural network, we provide our clients with customized Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines, catering for specific needs of various customers. We are committed to protecting your privacy and data.

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CloudTranslation Platform

  • Equipped with powerful capability of cloud computing and storage, our translation platform supports utilization of TM, intelligent input, term recognition and users can upload documents of different types, such as pdf, doc, ppt, xls, etc.
  • Compared to the traditional way of translating, we made a breakthrough by achieving seamless collaboration among translators, machine and NMT engines through our translation platform and introduce our clients a fresh new translating experience.

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  • We provide colleges and universities with teaching materials and tools for the model of machine translation plus post editing, dramatically facilitating the efficiency and innovating the way of translation teaching.
  • We also help them launch training program on Neural Machine Translation and build platforms for teaching and practice.